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Designed by NASA. Need We Say More?

We’re not kidding. Ceramic coating was developed by NASA for space ship re-entry to earths atmosphere. This coating dissipates heat like none other.

At Impact Coatings we can coat both the inside and outside of exhaust manifolds to give maximum heat insulation, protection from internal acidic corrosion and for lasting good looks.

Ceramic coating will also provide hotter exhaust gas which improves turbocharger efficiency and activates catalytic converters more quickly.

Exhaust gas temperatures up to 1000˚C inside a thin walled steel manifold can cause these problems:

Increase in under-bonnet temperature reducing engine inlet air density and power
Reduced durability of surrounding electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components
Fuel vaporization, particularly on carburetor engines
Heat soak on engine shut down
Ceramic Coating
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Things We Ceramic Coat

  • Car Headers
  • Car Mufflers
  • Snowmobile Expansion Chambers
  • Motorcycle Exhaust
  • Snowmobile Stingers
  • Turbo’s
  • Pistons
  • Engine Blocks
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