Give old dirty parts a second chance at life.

At Impact Coatings we use only the finest grades of media available. Sand is much too abrasive and hard on most metals, leaving a “pitted” texture. 98% of our powdercoated parts get media blasted first. All ceramic coated parts are media blasted. We also offer stand alone media blasting. This can be very useful for things like old car bodies, prior to painting or certain old parts you’d like to restore with paint.



We have a hand blast booth, where the operator inserts his hands into gloves into a cabinet. This is great for smaller parts. We also have a full walk in blast booth which is great for large parts. This will fit car frames, etc.

What We Media Blast

  • Car Frames

  • Car Bodies

  • Rusted Parts

  • Greasy Parts

  • Wood

  • Difficult to Hand Sand Parts

  • Car Rims

  • And Much More…!


Impact Coatings - Edmonton, Alberta.

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