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1000’s of Colours & Environmentally Friendly. Give Powder a try.

Powder coating is exactly that. Powder pigment that is electrostatically charged as it is ejected from the spray gun using low pressure air.

The powder particles then deposit on the oppositely charged part, evenly coating it. Once coated the part is placed into an oven at approximately 400° F for 30 minutes which melts the powder allowing it to flow like paint and then cures the coating.

When removed from the oven the part is allowed to cool and ready to use.
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What Can Be Powdercoated?

  • Engine Parts
  • Rims & Hubs
  • Motorcycle & ATV Parts
  • Car Frames
  • Bicycle Parts
  • Metal Furniture
  • Metal Stair Cases & Railings
  • Iron Gates
  • Snowmobile Parts
  • And Much More…!
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